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K-TERM 20 application unit

The K-TERM20 is a data modem unit. It can be attached to different communication units: Radio units with data capabilities, GPRS communication, TETRA units with serial line.
The K-TERM 20 includes different serial lines as well as digital I/O lines. With these lines, different additional units can be attached to the K-TERM unit: K-TERM60 display (colour) with touch screen, Navigation systems, LSVA traffic unit (CH), Printer, Communication with PC, PALM, ...
(datasheet pdf)

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K-TERM 30 modem

The K-TERM 30 Modem attaches to the front of the radio (instead of the controll head). If required, the control head is attached to the radio with an extension kit via the 10pol FCC connector.
It attaches to the Motorola Professional Radio series GM 340 / 360 / 380 or Databox. Datacommunication with FFSK 1200/2400Bits and error corrction protocoll. Adapts with RS232 or RS485 to SPS controll systems with Modbus protocoll.(datasheet pdf)

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The K-TERM 40 unit can be integrated in the following Motorola radios:
Portable radio GP340 / GP360 und GP380
Mobile radio GM340 / GM360 und GM380
It is used for customized control functions and can be integrated in fleet management systms. Communication with FFSK modulation 1200/2400 Bits. (datasheet pdf)

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The K-TERM 42 can be integratd in the following Motorla radios:
Portable radios DP340x and DP360x. Mobil radios DM340x and DM360x.
On analog channels it is a selcal decoding and encoding module. Supports selcal norms are ZVEI1/2/3, CCIR20/70/100, EEA
Option: Man down switch. It can be used on analog and digital channel for emergency signalling.
It may be used for customized control functions. (datasheet pdf)

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The K-TERM 60 Display shows information on a colour LCD display. The viewing area size is
98 x 74 mm (320 x 240 dots). The display is equipped with a touch screen foil and allows easy user interaction. It connects to K-TERM20, K-TERM30, K-TERM80 with CAN interface. Special connections are possible to other devices (no VGA connection). (datasheet pdf)


The K-TERM80 is a universal IO box. It is used in vehicles to control external equipment like sirene, horn, signalling devices. There are the following control lines available:
- CAN, 2xRS232, RS485
- 15 steering lines to GND or V+ 1A
- 15 steering lines Relay's 15A
- 10 digital input lines
- 8 analog input lines

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The "Top Button Extension" facilitates the operating of the Motorola top button. The TBE is a durable, compact plastic part with permanent self-adhesive film.
TBE for GP340 Art. no.:
TBE for GP360 / GP380 Art. no.:
(datasheet pdf)

Voltage Converter

Various voltage regulators for vehicle application 24V to 12V 6A / 12A



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